Oct 29, 2014

I signed up to a few years ago. I'll admit I'm not a hardcore user - more of a sporadic on again off again user - but I am kinda disappointed that I haven't won anything since the first week I signed on. I won a $25 gift card to Golf Town - which naturally ended up in my husband's wallet - but still it was exciting getting a free gift card in the mail and having your name scroll across their website as a winner. Part of me still thinks it was a "sign on" gimmick to get me to continue using their site. I mean, who wouldn't go back and try, try, try again after getting something for free?! The theory behind many of these sites is that unknown variable that you MIGHT just be the next big winner (its like the lottery) and they sucker you into coming back day after day to test your luck. So like many I click on those pretty green "participate now" buttons in hopes that I'll win something; and occasionally I'll blow a few tokens to better my chances of getting the items I really want to win. They have decent prizes, most being in the $25-$50 range and a few being upwards of $100. Prizes typically include mp3 players, e-readers, gift certificates (clothing, food, gas, etc.), gps systems, Apple TVs and more. Considering it takes roughly 5 minutes to participate in all their daily contests, its not that big of a loss if you don't win... but it would be nice to win a little more often than once every 2+ years!! I think I'm about due to win another gift card at least :D