Jan 12, 2015

Red Flag Deals

Red Flag Deals reminds me of eBay, there's soooooooooo much content here BUT I noticed that it generates content based on your current location - which is super handy. Its basically like a gigantic online flyer listing literally EVERYTHING in your local region that's on sale and which store has it in stock. I'm not talking little mom & pop shops, I'm talking big box retailers like Walmart, Future Shop, Staples, etc. Unlike the million other websites offering coupons and savings, this site also has user perks like Cash Back - which as I understand it: the site gives you a certain percentage back for using their site to shop online at your favorite retailers. Not sure how long it would take for you to earn the minimum of $5 for payout (via PayPal - $50 for cheques), but it sounds reasonable. I don't shop online enough to make it worth my while, but someone who frequently shops online would definitely benefit from that sort of cash back system. Definitely a site worth looking into if you're Canadian and enjoy saving money!