Dec 1, 2014

Free Stuff My Way

Free Stuff My Way is similar to a lot of sites I've reviewed so far in this blog, except one major difference, they award you points for visiting the contests / giveaways. If you're one of the first members to get 100 points in a given month you have a chance to win $100 from the site. Each month the counter is reset so all members have an equal chance of winning. You get 5 points for logging in daily, another point for visiting the freebie and another 5 points for sharing it via Twitter, Facebook and Google +. I believe they also give new members 25 bonus points just for signing up. The only downfall I've seen so far is many of the giveaways are expired, can't be accessed (high user demand), or you must be a specific type of professional to enter (such as a teacher, business or chef), which limits your chances of racking up points for the month. Also if you're a member of other similar sites (like I am), you may have already applied for the freebie and unless you have multiple mailboxes / addresses won't be able to apply again to get your points on this site.