Nov 24, 2014 is a directory of the latest Canadian contests, freebies, coupons and more. Its much like Free Stuff Finder (in fact they have much of the same content), but more streamlined, less detailed oriented and way more advertisements.

I found the way they formatted and styled their content to be rather irksome. Everything is lumped together in the same format regardless if its an advertisement, random blog post or the actual giveaway/contest being showcased - I like to refer to this as "disguised content". In other words, you have to pay attention to what you're clicking on or you'll spend a lot of time back-tracking.

With that said, there is a pro to this site, it has lots of user feedback. User feedback is great for prize claimers for many reasons, but mostly to find out whether the product is worth the effort in claiming and to provide a sort of technical support group for when you come across a glitch. For example, sometimes the way you type in your postal code will result in an error, seeing feedback from others who have had this problem generally results in some sort of solution being posted (like not leaving a space, or leaving a space in a specific spot, etc.). Also user feedback can notify you of scams or sites that are riddled with viruses and so forth.

I've added to my bookmarks as one of the sites I will return to, primarily to check for new content that can't be found on any of the other sites I frequent.