Nov 19, 2014

Jamberry Nail Wrap - Trial Pack

Jamberry Nail wrap on my pinky finger (left),
and regular nail polish on all my other digits
I received a trial pack of Jamberry nail wraps from an old childhood friend and current Jamberry Consultant (check her page out here). My cousin is also a consultant (view her page here). I've been tempted to become one myself but was a little hesitant mostly because it looks like a product that's too good to be true. Like all products it has its pros and cons; most of these are in comparison to standard nail polish:

  • No smell. I'm highly sensitive to harsh scents, and paint of any kind is one of those things that sets me off. I can't stand the smell of nail polish, especially when it lingers. These wraps, thankfully are odor free!
  • No drying time. Once the wrap is applied you're good to go, no waiting for minutes to hours for the paint to dry.
  • No extra coating. Unlike nail polish you only have to apply one nail wrap to get the benefit of pretty shiny nails. Not layer after layer of polish or top coating to get the pretty colors to pop and shine.
  • Lasts. So far it has held up to wear and tear, mind you I've only had it on for a day, but even so my regular nail polish has already started to chip away at the edges and has lost its initial shine, whereas the wrap looks like I just put it on. 
  • Fairly easy to apply. The method of applying is easy (wipe nail with alcohol wipes, push cuticle back, unwrap wrap, heat, apply, press while applying heat, trim excess wrap, file down edges), actually doing it can be difficult depending on the tools you're using (see cons). 
  • Non-Toxic. Its suppose to be non-toxic or at least better than most nail polishes, I don't know the actual ingredients, so I'm just going by what I was told!
  • Good for nail biters! I'll admit, I'm a nail biter and with these wraps on I have zero desire to bite my nails. I typically bite my nails because my nails are weak and brittle and tend to snap and tear, these wraps seem to make my nails stronger in the sense that it holds everything together. They're pretty tough little wraps!
  • Safe for kids. My daughter (she's 5) caught me applying mine, and of course, had to have them too. The bonus with kids is they have smaller nails so you can get more out of one stick of wrap!
  • Requires a few more tools than just opening a bottle of polish and slapping it on. You need: alcohol wipes, cuticle pusher, scissors, nail file, heater / blow dryer and of course the wrap itself.
  • Can burn yourself depending on the type of heat source you're using. I used a blow dryer and had to pull my hand away quite frequently because my skin got too hot and it hurt.
  • Can be hard to apply / manage especially for the first time. It feels like one of those things where it gets easier to do the more you do it. It was difficult for me because I was trying to hold the blow dryer while trying to press down on the wrap - in other words I was juggling too much at once. Jamberry does sell their own heater, which will make the application process much easier as you don't have to hold it while applying the wrap. The wraps are pretty sticky too, I had a problem with my non-dominant hand getting the wrap into the right place and off of my finger (as well as using the scissors to trim off the excess wrap) but again with a little practice I'm sure that'll get easier.
  • Doesn't always cover your entire nail. Because I received one strip, I couldn't match the size of my nail to the wrap (like you're suppose to do with a full sheet). So my wrap didn't go from edge to edge, but really unless you're looking directly at it, you wouldn't be able to tell.
  • May feel heavy. If you're like me and don't often paint your nails, let alone apply a wrap, it may feel a bit "heavy" at first, but typically that feeling goes away within the first couple of hours. 
For a first time nail wrap user, I'm definitely happy with the result and even though my first attempt at applying was a little fiddly, I will definitely consider purchasing a full sheet and going to town on mine and my daughter's nails.