Nov 13, 2014

Tide Pods

I received a sample pack of Tide Pods from P&G the other day. It arrived just in time too! One of the cats pee'd on our bed comforter and it just happened to be a day that we were all out of our usual laundry detergent (we use Cold Water Tide). My main concern was I didn't want it to just mask or cover the smell (of the cat pee) but get it out as much as possible. My other concern was staining - some detergents if they don't dissolve before you add the clothes can sometimes leave stains on them. When I pulled the comforter out to put it in the dryer it had a very refreshing scent (no lingering cat pee smell) and it was stain free. So I'm very happy with the outcome of the product. I don't know if we'll switch from Cold Water to Pods, the last time I checked it wasn't economical for our family. We do 1-2 loads a day and up to 4 on bad days. With the Pods you have to use 1-2 depending on the size of the load (1 for small, 2 for large), whereas with the powdered or even liquid versions you can customize the amount used. In other words you don't always have to use the recommended amount you can "conserve" the product; with the Pods you have to use at least 1 regardless of the load. Prices for Pods are reasonable, but just not beneficial for our family to switch to. I would use Pods again, especially in a pinch or when I want my clothes to smell extra fresh.