Nov 10, 2014


I signed up to Swagbucks the other day and wow, there's a LOT to sift through. This is definitely not a user-friendly site for those who are "website challenged". My mom would quit on this site in a heartbeat - and I wouldn't blame her. I'm overwhelmed and I've been using, building and viewing websites for over 15 years. There's just soooo much "stuff" and no clear direction.

With that aside, it's basically a site where you earn tokens (or swag bucks) which you can then turn in for prizes / rewards which are mostly in the form of gift cards in the price range of $10-$100 value from shops like Amazon, Foot Locker, iTunes, Facebook and more. I even noticed you can make donations to charities like the Red Cross and UNICEF using swag bucks, which is nice for those of us who lack credit cards for making online donations :)

I ended up downloading the Chrome browser extension just because its one of those sites that you literally have to spend all day on participating in as much as possible in order to rack up enough points to be able to buy anything with. I mean, I've been at it for about 3 days now and have only 80 points, most turn in items require an upwards of 1-8k worth so I have a ways to go before I can cash in on some goodies.

Unless you have a lot of spare time to dedicate to participating or don't mind waiting an eternity to be able to cash in, it is kind of a waste of time for the average person. If you do sign up, I would definitely recommend getting the browser add-on. It helps notifying you of special events for bonus bucks and keeps track of how many bucks you've earned so far.