Nov 17, 2014

Save A Loonie

Love the name, but not a fan of the content layout. Maybe its the Graphic Designer in me, but wow this site is busy - at least until you get used to it. Once you adjust to having to scroll halfway down the page to get to the actual content, its not so bad. Much like you have to pay attention to what you're clicking on because many of the advertisements (pro: they at least put headers on the ads!) are disguised as content within the page. Another pro, they seem to update their content daily, unlike their competitors who claim to but really only post once a week or every few weeks. Even though they have much the same content as other directories like Free Stuff Finder they do seem to have more variety for each topic such as store offers, contests, print coupons, mail coupons, etc. I'd say after you get by the visual chaos its a fairly decent site and one I will bookmark and return to regularly for the latest deals.